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Kitchen chandeliers

Chandelier with sphere diffusor
274.50 €
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Suspension lamp in blown glass
176.90 €
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Chandelier three light
1,470.00 €
1,322.89 €
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Glass chandelier
118.95 €
95.16 €
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Design chandelier
108.58 €
85.95 €
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488.00 €
390.40 €
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973.56 €
826.90 €
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573.40 €
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Industrial style chandelier
646.91 €
581.00 €
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410.99 €
328.79 €
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Suspension in white glass
134.20 €
107.36 €
Modern small chandelier
103.14 €
76.95 €
Design chandelier
530.00 €
Dome suspension
790.00 €
Glass design chandelier
260.02 €
208.02 €
Tube lamp
184.53 €
147.62 €
LED suspension lamp
465.00 €
Biemission circular suspension
510.00 €
Chandelier with sphere diffusor
115.00 €
Conical chandelier
110.00 €
Chandelier small
124.48 €
92.95 €
Big round chandelier
436.02 €
326.90 €
Circular suspension LED
318.93 €
238.90 €
Design chandelier
159.43 €
118.90 €
Design chandelier
690.00 €
Chandelier dimmabel
735.00 €
Chandelier 3 light
268.27 €
213.90 €
Design chandelier
235.00 €
Refined chandelier
480.00 €
Dome suspension
1,145.00 €
Modern chandelier
98.17 €
82.95 €
Design chandelier
360.00 €
Design chandelier
124.14 €
92.95 €
Design chandelier
695.00 €
Modern suspension 3 lights
350.87 €
262.90 €
Design suspension 5 lights
530.63 €
397.90 €
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Kitchen chandeliers: functionality and aesthetics


Kitchen chandeliers: functionality and aesthetics

Home lighting is an important aspect. In addition to sunlight coming in through the windows, artificial light is also required. Which makes the home comfortable adding value to the furniture. This is why kitchen chandeliers are essential in a lighting project.

The kitchen environment is among the most experienced. For this reason, adequate lighting makes it possible to fully experience this place.

Suspended lamps for the kitchen represent a perfect solution. Both from an aesthetic and functional point of view, a diffused and non-dispersive light can be obtained. You can then concentrate the light on the surfaces that are used most. For example, the worktop, stove, sink, island or central table.

The chandeliers for the kitchen hang directly from the ceiling. They provide a light that illuminates the whole environment. For this environment you can opt for various types of kitchen chandeliers made of the most varied materials. Our kitchen chandeliers are offered in different models and sizes depending on the space available. The styles available are numerous and meet every need adapting to the style of the furniture in your rooms.


Kitchen chandeliers: wide assortment of the best brands

You can create a beautiful and exclusive living style thanks to the incredible assortment of kitchen chandeliers that Light Shopping makes available. Depending on your personal tastes, you can choose flashy-looking kitchen lamps with incredible technology or models with a simple and minimal style. You can also find kitchen chandeliers that in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, also offer significant energy savings, such as LED chandeliers.

The range of models proposed is very large: tha lamps can be available in different finishes, sizes and materials with modern shapes or also reinterpretations of the styles of the past for a result of a classic chandelier.

Among the trendy kitchen chandeliers, those in industrial style are the most appreciated, renewed in colors and materials for better adapt to modern times. Design kitchen pendant lamps instead add a touch of originality to your kitchen. If you want to create a particular atmosphere, you can opt for this type of kitchen chandelier.

Materials like steel and blown glass come together, mixing different styles and eras. They are perfect both in rooms furnished in minimal style and in those traditionally furnished, for a contrast that fascinates.

Design kitchen chandeliers are furniture accessories of great visual impact that do not go unnoticed, often eccentric with whimsical lines that alternate with traditional forms, often characterized by an ironic and playful design for those who love to dare.

All the kitchen chandeliers in the catalog are produced by the best lighting brands. Who want to enhance the beauty of every home with high quality furnishings. ideal for combining with star line wall lights. Or wall lights with different styles for a desired contrast.


How to choose the kitchen chandelier

A chandelier is always the center of attention in every room, especially in the kitchen. For this reason, the importance of choosing a kitchen chandelier suitable for your environment should not be underestimated. In fact, every kitchen needs adequate lighting, not only to work on preparing meals, but also to enjoy the time spent around the table in a pleasant way.

A kitchen pendant lamp is able to change the atmosphere of the room based on the position in which it is placed, the model and the type of lighting. This is why it is important to buy the right product.

If you are thinking of changing the chandelier of your kitchen you must take into account the dimensions, the furniture and the type of surfaces already present that can reflect or absorb the light in a certain way. Lighting is not only practical, but also an atmosphere.

There are models of kitchen chandeliers that can bring the right mood into your kitchen. The possibility of playing for example on the combination of several chandeliers can create an interesting dynamism in the room, allowing you to modify the perception of the kitchen as you like the most.

If you have to light a very large kitchen you can pair more chandeliers or choose those that have more than one speaker and place them for example over a table of an important length.

Some of this type of lamps are proposed by the brand Ideal Lux and examples are the chandeliers Cono, Discovery, Electric, Folk, Mild, Sesto. This type of solution is also perfect for kitchens with island or "american kitchens" placed in the middle of the room and equipped with special pub style stools.

The length of the kitchen light bulbs is often adjustable to suit your needs as well as the light intensity, thanks to the dimmer devices of which many models are provided.

Among the numerous models proposed you can also choose the materials you prefer, including glass, one of the most used for the lampshades. There are are also very popular the aluminum, quality plastic materials or innovative materials such as nebulite or trendy like cement.

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