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Spotlights for kitchen

Circle recessed ceiling spotlight
123.77 €
91.95 €
3 lights recessed spotlight
370.00 €
Recessed ceiling light
370.00 €
Recessed spotlight
42.46 €
39.96 €
Ceiling spotlight directable
65.09 €
54.95 €
Projector on ceiling track
59.78 €
49.02 €
Ceiling spotlight directable
91.50 €
75.03 €
Recessed spotlight directable
152.50 €
125.05 €
Ceiling spotlight
61.00 €
57.95 €
Ceiling spotlight
96.69 €
81.95 €
Gypsum roud spotlight
58.00 €
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Recessed spotlight
22.00 €
Circle recessed ceiling spotlight
24.00 €
Ceiling spotlight in plaster with two lights
80.00 €
Ceiling recessed spotlight in plaster
46.00 €
Recessed spotlight
77.41 €
64.95 €
Recessed spotlight
65.36 €
57.95 €
Circle recessed spotlight
120.99 €
101.89 €
Recessed spotlight
40.20 €
37.95 €
Round ceiling light
124.00 €
LED recessed spotlight
103.70 €
85.03 €
Square ceiling light
96.00 €
Recessed spotlight
97.60 €
80.03 €
Recessed spotlight
82.96 €
68.03 €
Recessed spotlight
66.55 €
55.95 €
Recessed spotlight
43.92 €
40.96 €
Gypsum recessed spotlight
56.36 €
52.95 €
Recessed spotlight
144.57 €
107.90 €
Recessed ceiling spotlight
56.12 €
46.02 €
Recessed spotlight
79.30 €
65.03 €
Recessed spotlight
136.00 €
98.33 €
82.95 €
Recessed spotlight
38.16 €
Recessed ceiling spotlight
21.96 €
18.01 €
Recessed ceiling spotlight
20.74 €
17.01 €
Circle recessed ceiling spotlight
12.81 €
11.96 €
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Kitchen spotlights: modern lighting in a light point

The kitchen is one of the most used and experienced space by people in the house. To work, cook, have a coffee with friends or to organize a more important dinner. Each corner must be well lit, without creating any shadow areas, so as to make the space livable and with a well-lit atmosphere. Among the different types of lighting, we see the spotlights for the kitchen.


Kitchen spotlights types 


Kitchen Led Spotlights

The LED kitchen spotlights are distinguished by several aspects: the technical structure, the shape, the measurements, the materials, the finishes and the style. The kitchen LED spotlights can be applied by forming geometric compositions to accurately illuminate a certain area: the hob, the kitchen island or the furniture area. The kitchen LED spotlights represent a choice of modern and minimal, clean design. With the kitchen ceiling LED spotlights the furniture will be essential, a contemporary and timeless style. The kitchen ceiling LED spotlight is a versatile type of lighting. We can choose where to place them, how to position them and maybe combine them with other types of LED kitchen spotlights.

In the vast Light Shopping catalog you will surely find a wide selection of LED kitchen ceiling spotlights that will meet your needs. Our brands work with quality materials to create unique and design products.


Recessed spotlights for the kitchen

Recessed spotlights for the kitchen, on the other hand, are useful if you prefer a light point that is installed directly inside the ceiling. In this case, the kitchen spotlights can create customized atmospheres according to your needs. If you need to illuminate a kitchen worktop, for example, recessed kitchen spotlights are the right solution for direct and homogeneous light, perhaps made with adjustable kitchen spotlights. As a rule, recessed spotlights for kitchens are applied directly in a plasterboard false ceiling, but they can also be installed in wood, shelves or other types of surfaces to be drilled. The recessed spotlights for the kitchen have numerous advantages: they have a modern and timeless, elegant and sophisticated design, they allow you to illuminate the entire desired area and save money because the LED spotlights for the kitchen consume little.


Adjustable spotlights for kitchen

Adjustable kitchen spotlights offer a good advantage: they can be directed as needed. Ideal for illuminating especially areas such as a kitchen island, projecting a concentrated light beam and highlighting the design and shape of the kitchen itself. Thanks to the adjustability of these kitchen spotlights, real scenographic atmospheres can be created with modern plays of light and shadows.


Spotlights above kitchen cabinets

Another key element is the lighting of the kitchen furniture. It could be of great effect to illuminate the perimeter of the furniture itself with LED kitchen spotlights. In this case, in addition to the aesthetic value, the spotlights above the kitchen wall units are also important for their functionality. A well-lit kitchen counter can facilitate all your activities.


The materials of the kitchen spotlights

To be taken into consideration are the materials of the kitchen spotlights. Normally the spotlights can be made of materials such as plaster, metal or steel. The shapes that make up these light points respect geometries such as the square, the circle or rectangles, more or less large. If you prefer concealed spotlights for kitchens, Light Shopping's advice is to use plaster kitchen spotlights, because they disappear inside the false ceiling. The spotlight is "colored" by the protective ring, which can be steel, satin, chrome, black, white or gray. There are also adjustable LED spotlights for the kitchen that feature a glass or crystal diffuser capable of making the lighting even brighter.

Discover all the kitchen spotlights in the vast Light Shopping catalog!

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