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Table lamp
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Table lamp
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Table lamp 50's years style
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Glass table lamp
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Design bedside lamp
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Wall lamp with reading light
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Table lamp
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Wall lamp with wireless charging for phone
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Table lamp with roud lampshade
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Wall light with lampshaped
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Portable lamp
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Wall lamp with wireless charging for phone
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Table or bedside lamp
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Table lamp with circle diffuser
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Lighting up the bedroom: the bedside lampshades

Light up the bedroom: abat-jour for the bedside tables

Abat-jour is a french original word consisting the terms “abat” which derives from the verb “put down” and means “attenuate” and “jour” which means “day”. In fact the abat-jour are characterized by a lampshade that has the function of attenuating the light of light source, reducing its intensity and making its softer. The classic position of the bedside taple lamps is in pairs next to the bed above the bedside table in the bedroom and it also used as a decorative element. Born in the last century, the lampshade are lamps that never go out of fashion and today are offered in a modern way by a lot of lighting companies, so that they can adapt to any style, from the most classic to the most modern. The table lamps are usually composed of a support base and a lampshade that wraps the bulb and screens its brightness. The main function of this lamps it not lighting the bedroom in a widespread manner, but to create a light point contributing to giving the room a welcoming atmosphere, functional for relax.


How to choose bedside lamps? 

The lighting plays a key role in many areas of the home, both for practical and decorative purposes. To consider also that lighting is a factor that significantly affects mood, so depending on the differnt shades of light that sorround us, we perceive reality and emotions differently. This is why we must not leave the choice and placement of light point to chance, as each room requires a specific type of light. In the bedroom the right light allows you to read confortably in bed and enjoy a book, to create the optimal conditions to facilitate sleep and fall asleep at night, to rest during a short afternoon nap or when you want a moments of relax. At the same time it is also useful for other activities as dressed in the early morning to go to work. Depending on your habits or needs is better choose a bedside lamp with certain characteristic. If for example you like to read before going to sleep it is better to choose a bedside lamp with a flexible stem to orientate the light towards the desired point, so as to illuminate the book or magazine correctly and not disturb the partner. In the most of cases what is needed is only a soft light, in this case it is preferable to choose for a decorative bedside lamps in order to illuminate the room with a delicate light and create an ambient atmosphere. Better if you choose dimmable models, so you can vary light intensity according to your needs, perfect for having, from time to time, soft or bright light.


Abat-jour: classic or design?

The bedside lamps can also be the right occasion for furnish the bedroom adding a decorative elements. On Light Shopping you will find a lot of proposal for bedside lamps that include models with different types and style to satisfy every need for furnish and lighting your bedroom. You can choose bedside lamps that match with the rest of the furniture or you can aim on something eccentric to add an original and new touch to the room. The classic lampshades are characterized by a cylindric or cone-shaped textile lampshade, while the more modern abat-jour are made in chromed metal with unusual shapes often combined with LED light sources. The lampshade of the bedside table in the more decorative versions, as in the case of models proposed by Ideal Lux, are equipped with crystal pearls-shaped and faceted decoration, that reflect the light in several points. An original alternative to the classic bedside lamps with textile lampshade is represented by those spherical shape such as T. moon models proposed by brand. This table lamps are made up only of a large spherical-shape lampshade in resin and glass fibers that became decorative objects when switch on them for a great visual impact. Some bedside table lamps, having a very sophisticated and modern design, are able to give more value to the bedroom furniture. In a modern bedroom a design bedside lamp are the furnishing accessory that make the difference: they are very functional and trendy. In particular, thanks to their conformation, they are able to provide the right light, giving an atmophere of relax that is so much sought after in a bedroom. In the common immagination, the bedside lamp are seen as the classic lamp with lampshade, but today there are many variations, also applicable directly to the wall to have the bedside table free for put back small personal objects. In the last years in fact the new style trend are oriented towards the modern classic bedside taple lamps in which the aspect of the past is match with innovative materials and towards bedside table lamps in nordic, industrial and shabby chic style. Browse the catalog, you’ll find lots of bedside table lamps at discounted prices.

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