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The sober and elegant style of classic ceiling lamps

White glass ceiling lamp
100.65 €
82.53 €
Ceiling light
787.75 €
645.96 €
Ceiling light
449.57 €
368.65 €
Ceiling light
409.31 €
335.63 €
Ceiling light
201.30 €
165.07 €
Chandelier with crystal pendant
939.40 €
770.31 €
Elegant ceiling light with crystal
246.93 €
202.48 €
Chandelier with crystal pendant
374.42 €
307.02 €
Ceiling light with 9 lights and crystal
662.95 €
543.62 €
Chandelier with crystal pendant
1,018.58 €
835.24 €
Ceiling light with crystal pearls
952.82 €
781.31 €
Ceiling light with 6 lights and crystal
464.33 €
380.75 €
Ceiling light
342.21 €
280.61 €
Ceiling light with 4 lights and crystal
318.05 €
260.80 €
Ceiling lamp
717.97 €
588.74 €
Ceiling light with crystal pearls
1,194.38 €
979.39 €
Ceiling light
191.91 €
157.37 €
Ceiling light with 12 lights and crystal
738.10 €
605.24 €
Ceiling light five lights
493.86 €
404.97 €
Ceiling light
33.55 €
27.51 €
Ceiling light
65.76 €
53.92 €
Ceiling light classic
163.72 €
134.25 €
Ceiling light
260.35 €
213.49 €
Ceiling light
44.29 €
36.32 €
Ceiling light classic
350.26 €
287.21 €
Ceiling light
253.64 €
207.98 €
Medium square ceiling light
153.72 €
Ceiling lamp in classic style
193.98 €
Ceiling light classic
129.32 €
Large squared ceiling light
193.98 €
Square ceiling light small
113.46 €
Ceiling light with glass diffusor
167.14 €
132.89 €
Classic table lamp
224.48 €
178.90 €
Ceiling lamp in classic style
178.12 €
141.90 €
Ceiling lamp in classic style
235.46 €
187.90 €
Adjustable ceiling light
120.78 €
95.95 €
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Furnishes the rooms with classic ceiling lights

The classic furniture represents an intramontal style and it is important to complete it with the right lighting, using classic ceiling lights that blend perfectly into the environment. Consult our catalogue and if you need help, we will be able to advise you on the choice of ceiling lamps and classic ceiling lights that best suit your needs. Take a look at the finishes and materials, you will surely find what you need at an advantageous price.

Classic ceiling lamps: elegant lighting

Classic ceiling lamps are the right lighting accessories for elegant and refined settings furnished in a classic style. You can play with these ceiling lamps and give an elegant light to all your rooms. Classic ceiling lights are usually equipped with a glass diffuser that can be transparent, opaque, worked with motifs, silk-screened and sandblasted.


The classic ceiling lamps are available in various sizes: the small ones are perfect for small spaces such as the corridor, on the contrary, the larger ceiling lamps are perfect for large rooms such as the living room. The classic ceiling lamps are ideal for creating pleasant and intimate atmospheres thanks to the play of light and shadows, which infuse the home with a romantic allure with a unique charm.


The term classic in this case identifies what never goes out of fashion and these light points are an evergreen, they embellish any environment furnished in a traditional way. If you want to embellish your home with fine and elegant accessories, install the classic glass ceiling lamps on the ceiling. Thanks to these ceiling lamps you can give a refined atmosphere to your rooms. Browse through our catalogue to choose the one you like best.


Classic living room ceiling lamps

The classic living room ceiling lamps are distinguished by the use of many decorations in the structure. A crystal ceiling light is the most classic of all lamps in this style here. A timeless icon for a classic setting.

The bedroom ceiling light, on the other hand, could illuminate your room in a general way during daily activities and for personalized lighting we recommend it combined with a wall lamp or lampshades.


Crystal ceiling lamps

We also want to mention the crystal ceiling lamps. The brands in the Light Shopping catalogue use this material by working and shaping it by hand, thus presenting a unique and original article. Most of the brands are inspired by the traditional processing of Murano glass, recognized all over the world.

If you want to give a modern touch to your classic environment, instead, we recommend the glitter ceiling lamp that will give you the possibility to recreate scenographic atmospheres thanks to the presence of the luminous reflections created by the glitter themselves.


Classic outdoor ceiling lamps

Classic outdoor ceiling lamps can illuminate a small veranda on summer evenings, creating a soft light that can illuminate even the darkest evenings. Also indicated as a light for the entrance to the house or for the garage.

The difference with indoor ceiling lights can be seen thanks to the water resistance and IP degree, or rather the protection index of a lamp.

Our wide catalogue of lamps will give you the opportunity to choose the one that suits you best, with the material and shape you prefer. If, on the other hand, you are undecided about choosing the perfect lamp, our customer service will always be available to find the best solution for your needs.


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