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The timeless elegance and style of classic chandeliers

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Wide choice of lamps in classic style

The classic furnishing style never sets, is in fact a symbol of elegance, of value, of excellent materials, and is able to recreate a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. from the choice of the floor and orientate between the marble, in shades of red, brown or ivory, and parquet.They are preferred furniture made of wood, especially walnut or cherry, with rounded shapes or soft lines, enriched with precious inlays made by hand.

There are elements of furniture that can not miss as the showcases inside which to place valuable glasses, silverware or porcelains and of course the upholstered and quilted sofas, in velvet or leather. Curtains must be richly draped in silk, brocade, velvet. Persian or oriental rugs are also widely used, giving warmth to the environment.

Essential to lighten the atmosphere, it is necessary that the rooms are illuminated by large windows, so you can enjoy the external brightness. Artificial lighting must be very sought-after: crystal chandeliers, abat-jour with fabric lampshades, refined wall lamps.
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