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LED spotlights: quality lighting at the best price

Outdoor lamp
573.40 €
515.90 €
Outdoor wall light
585.60 €
526.91 €
353.80 €
317.90 €
Basic spotlight
908.90 €
817.90 €
Basic spotlight
567.30 €
509.90 €
384.30 €
344.89 €
Outdoor modern applique
780.80 €
701.90 €
Spotlight directable
364.78 €
309.90 €
Walkable recessed spotlight
486.48 €
389.18 €
Walkable recessed spotlight
431.12 €
322.90 €
Outdoor lamp
347.70 €
312.91 €
Outdoor wall, ceiling, floor lamps
2,000.80 €
1,799.90 €
408.70 €
366.90 €
Outdoor projector
1,073.60 €
965.90 €
Recessed spotlight
134.20 €
119.90 €
Walkable recessed spotlight
97.56 €
82.95 €
Walkable recessed spotlight
168.29 €
125.90 €
Outdoor recessed spotlight
409.71 €
306.90 €
Recessed spotlight directable
305.92 €
228.90 €
Adjustable walkable outdoor spotlight
348.32 €
260.90 €
Adjustable walkable outdoor spotlight
530.43 €
396.90 €
Outdoor recessed spotlight
263.91 €
197.90 €
Recessed spotlight
109.80 €
97.95 €
Recessed spotlight
44.36 €
41.96 €
Recessed spotlight
213.50 €
191.91 €
Recessed spotlight
195.20 €
174.90 €
Marker spotlight
292.80 €
262.90 €
Ceiling spotlight directable
66.83 €
55.95 €
Round downlight spotlight
179.00 €
Bollard for outdoors
725.90 €
652.90 €
Led spotlight
67.10 €
53.68 €
Spotlight one light
75.49 €
60.39 €
Ceiling spotlight
41.94 €
33.55 €
Ceiling spotlight
92.27 €
73.82 €
Ceiling spotlight
125.82 €
100.66 €
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Improve lighting with LED spotlights


We are offering here a wide selection of quality LED spotlights indicated both for domestic use and for professional use. Each LED spotlight is distinguished by various aspects: technical characteristics, shapes, sizes, materials, finishes and style.


Some models of LED spotlights are suitable for lighting a specific area as they can be oriented, others allow you to adjust the light intensity by means of a dimmer and obtain the desired atmosphere. Each LED spotlight is available in different color temperatures to choose from and ranging from 2700K to 3000K for warm white light, 4000K for natural light, over 5000k for cold light.


Moreover this kinds of bright source, allow you to benefit from saving in your bill, since you can count on quality light, clearly better.


LED spotlights: different uses, multiple advantages

But the advantage of LED spotlights not end there: the big variety of this products allow to satisfy multiple lighting needs, can be installed in a wide variety of domestic rooms such as living rooms, kitchen, bathroom and corridor, or at work, such as shops and offices. Many interior designers prefer the use of the recessed spotlights for false celings to hightlight a certain point of a room, for example furniture, wall or other objects present. Easy to fix, recessed spotlights can be used for ceiling installations. Used as path markers, wall recessed spotlights ensure that passageway, such as stairs, will be illuminate and safe.


There cannot miss the types of outdoor LED spotlights with recessed floor or wall to make outdoor spaces, such as the garden, pathway or the garage area, livable and aesthetically beautiful.


On our online catalogue you will find hundreds of quality LED spotlight of the best brands and with the best quality/price ratio. Available the LED spotlights of the Faro Barcelona brands, i-Lèd, Linea Light, Fabas Luce. If you would like more information or advice on any LED spotlight, please contact our customer service.


Outdoor LED spotlights: the solution for quality lighting!

Among the opportunities of LED spotlights are undoubtedly their functions in the external part of the house. The LED garden spotlights will give you the possibility to illuminate the perimeter of your exterior in a unique way so that the design of your home is highlighted. But outdoor LED spotlights can also be used to illuminate the driveway in an original way and create a path to the entrance of the house.

You can choose to opt for the outdoor LED spotlights with motion sensor, which can be applied in the parking area of ​​your home and activated in the darkest hours, as a matter of safety. The outdoor LED spotlights with motion sensor will turn on only when an activity near the light is detected.

You can also install LED spotlights for outdoor floors, which are equipped with greater resistance, so they can be walked on without causing any damage. They too can be used to illuminate the perimeter of the house in a scenic way.


Spotlights for every need

LED spotlights stand out for being versatile for every style and need. Each type of spotlight is well suited to a particular environment. LED bathroom spotlights, perhaps adjustable, are the right solution to illuminate the mirror area. LED bathroom spotlights can also be suitable for illuminating the shower area. The room is thus illuminated in an original and scenographic way.

The LED design spotlights, on the other hand, are mostly used in the main areas of the house, such as above the kitchen counter, to see better during activities, or in the living room area for a modern and dynamic character.

Choose from our extensive catalogue the design LED spotlights that are right for you! If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact our customer service, they will always be available to give you the best suggestion.

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