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External led spotlight

Outdoor spotlight
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Outdoor wall spotlight
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Outdoor recessed marker spotlight
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Outdoor wall, ceiling, floor lamps
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Outdoor spotlight
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Outdoor lamp
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Outdoor lamp
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Outdoor modern applique
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Outdoor wall light
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Recessed spotligh for outdoor round
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Floor spotlight directable with peg
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Outdoor spotlight with peg
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Walk over spotlight
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Outdoor recessed spotlight
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Adjustable outdoor projector
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Round outdoor marker spotlight
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Marker spotlight
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Bollard for outdoors
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Marker spotlight
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Outdoor recessed wall lamp
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Bollard for outdoors
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Basic spotlight
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Basic spotlight
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Outdoor projector
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Outdoor spotlight
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Circle spotlight drive over
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Recessed spotlight one light
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Walkable recessed spotlight
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Walkable recessed spotlight
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Outdoor recessed spotlight
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Walkable recessed spotlight
78.95 €
Walkable recessed spotlight
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Outdoor LED spotlights: versatility and convenience

The outdoor led spotlights are the ideal solution for lighting outdoor spaces such as gardens, paths, paths or swimming pools. An outdoor led spotlight guarantees energy savings and excellent performance thanks to the high quality of the light generated. Practical and decorative, they contribute both to the design of the outdoors and to the safety of the rooms during the night hours. Discover all our offers.


Outdoor LED spotlights to illuminate outdoor spaces

To illuminate outdoor spaces it is important to choose the lighting sources that best suite your outdoor spaces. The outdoor led spotlights project a strong and decisive light, which allows the creation of light paths, to illuminate the entrance of a house or to delimit the perimeter walls.

It is possible to choose among many types of externally led spotlights: there is a solution suitable for any type of environment. The choice may depend on the size of the place, the shape of the space or the amount of light needed.

It is also important to evaluate the choice of the spotlight design so that it matches the furnishing style of the outdoor spaces. Combining the LED spotlights for outdoors with floor lamps or wall lamps.


Create luminous walkways with LED outdoor spotlights

Those who are lucky enough to have green spaces should enhance them in the best way, studying proper lighting to select the most suitable luminaires. A light point placed in the right place creates effects of light and shadow that contribute to the enhancement of these spaces.

If you need to create certain light paths to make sure the passage in certain areas of the exterior, the right choice falls on the outdoor led spotlights. These luminaires allow you to get perfect lighting to cover certain areas in the dark and beautify the surrounding space.


Outdoor LED spotlights: solutions to illuminate the stairs, the pool and the entrance

The outdoor led spotlights are excellent solutions to trace suggestive paths of light, to signal an entrance, to mark the edge of the pool, to signal the presence of steps in the garden or to decorate the protruding frames of the facades.

Other important aspects to consider are the materials, the luminous flux emitted and the style of the spotlight. For houses characterised by a modern style, outdoor led spotlights made of stainless steel, brushed aluminium, clear glass and polycarbonate are very suitable. Their best position is in all those places where you want to illuminate sections to travel safely and get a well-enlighted environment, comfortable and beautiful even in the dark.


Outdoor LED spotlights: a wide range of types and models for every space

We can group the types of outdoor LED spotlights in three macro-categories: ceiling spotlights, wall spotlights, recessed floor spotlights. The LED ceiling spotlights can be installed near the projections of the frames of a facade to highlight the finishes. Outdoor wall LED spotlights are among the most used to highlight stairs and entrances. Finally, the recessed floor lights are used to create illuminated paths or highlight decorative plants in the garden.


Characteristics and advantages of outdoor LED spotlights

The outdoor LED spotlights allow you to get many advantages. First of all, an important energy saving, a long life, high performance, very high quality of the light generated and very small size compared to other types of garden lights.

Outdoor LED spotlights have both a practical and decorative purpose. In fact, they are useful for guaranteeing the usability of the outdoor spaces even during the evening and night hours and providing  a nice decoration.

It is essential to choose the degree of protection compatible with the use that will be made of it. In covered places as a terrace, an IP equal to 33 is sufficient. For areas exposed to bad weather and atmospheric agents, an IP rating of at least 55 is required.

In our shop, there are many models of outdoor LED spotlights that you can choose according to your needs both in terms of aesthetic taste and budget.

i-LèD: the best outdoor LED spotlights

The i-LèD brand offers a wide range of outdoor LED spotlights made with durable materials and modern design, available in various shapes and colours to perfectly integrate with every corner of your outdoor spaces. They are products of great quality that last over time, extremely versatile devices that can transform the appearance of your garden and highlight its beauty.

The colour tone of light can range from natural light to intense heat or intense cold. LED optics can reach light beams even above 180° amplitude. The models on our catalogue are many, have high performance and you can get any desired lighting effect. In addition, the i-LèD outdoor LED spotlights are easy to mount and can be installed in different garden areas and different surfaces.

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