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Floor lamps for outdoor and garden

Outdoor concrete floor lamp
1,488.40 €
1,264.90 €
Outdoor floor lamp
860.10 €
730.90 €
Bollard for outdoors small
640.50 €
511.90 €
Outdoor line profile
419.38 €
335.50 €
Outdoor floor lamp
324.84 €
242.90 €
Bollard for outdoors
1,163.88 €
930.90 €
Copper garden pole
706.38 €
564.90 €
Outdoor floor lamp
254.31 €
189.91 €
Garden pole in brass
491.66 €
392.90 €
Outdoor lamp with sun light
210.10 €
156.90 €
Outdoor light
1,512.80 €
1,209.90 €
Outdoor floor lamp
1,610.40 €
1,287.91 €
Outdoor recessed spotlight
91.50 €
73.20 €
Bollard for outdoors
761.28 €
608.90 €
5 year
Driveable recessed spotlight
326.35 €
243.90 €
Outdoor projector
1,012.60 €
859.90 €
Bollard for outdoors
653.92 €
522.90 €
Floor light for outdoor
878.40 €
657.90 €
Floor light for outdoor
1,022.36 €
765.90 €
Bollard for outdoors
1,049.20 €
838.90 €
Outdoor lantern
1,098.00 €
877.90 €
Circle spotlight drive over
541.68 €
405.89 €
Adjustable RGBW outdoor projector
303.78 €
226.90 €
Portable lamp
265.00 €
224.89 €
Outdoor projector
135.73 €
108.58 €
Adjustable walkable outdoor spotlight
510.88 €
408.70 €
Outdoor adjustable projector
158.60 €
118.95 €
Floor spotlight with peg
151.38 €
112.90 €
Garden light
289.75 €
231.80 €
Bollard for outdoors
692.96 €
553.90 €
Outdoor lamp
1,354.20 €
1,082.90 €
Bollard for outdoors two light
1,474.98 €
1,179.90 €
Bollard for outdoors
384.30 €
306.90 €
Bollard for outdoors
366.00 €
291.90 €
LED garden pole
745.42 €
595.90 €
LED garden pole
625.86 €
499.90 €
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Illuminate any outdoor environment with outdoor floor lamps

Outdoor floor lamps are used to design the lighting of outdoor spaces such as the garden, the terrace, the veranda or any other outdoor area. They allow you to customize and enhance these environments thanks to their unique design that combines aesthetics and functionality. Our catalog offers various models of floor lamps with a modern look to those with more classic shapes. You can choose from a wide variety of types: spotlights with spikes, bollards, portable lamps, light vases, bright seats to furnish outdoor spaces according to their taste and needs.

Outdoor floor lamps have the advantage of being easy to move and where you prefer, they represent decorative solutions to create new illuminated spaces, to highlight certain areas or to bring out a precise point of the garden. Check out our extensive proposal!

Outdoor spaces to be lived: outdoor floor lamps

If you are looking for a piece of furniture that allows you to make your outdoor spaces more comfortable with a touch of class, outdoor floor lamps are what you need. On our e-commerce site, there are outdoor floor lamps in a wide variety of shapes, styles and features, that adapt to all lighting needs and the most varied tastes. To enjoy your outdoor spaces with the family or to organize parties and dinners with friends, simply place outdoor lamps that match the table or chairs to create a pleasant and soft light. These luminous objects are incredibly practical because they are light enough to be placed anywhere depending on the needs and the space available. Both the design and the light radiated by these lamps become the winning weapon to make a good impression with guests during dinners and outdoor parties. Light Shopping's proposal for outdoor lamps turns out to be rich and complete. We propose a great variety of models, characterised by refined design and precious materials, able to satisfy every aesthetic necessity.

Floor lamps for outdoors to enhance the garden

Correct outdoor lighting allows you to create unique scenarios and atmospheres to enhance any outdoor space. The use of ground lamps for outdoor allows you to customise the garden by combining functional needs with aesthetic ones. Inside our catalogue it is possible to filter and choose between a large variety of types of decorative outdoor lamps to make the garden always habitable, enhancing it with interesting light effects. The advantage of buying a floor lamp is that you can move it where you want, to create new illuminated areas. The floor lamps for outdoor use can be used for example to illuminate the steps of the entrances, to highlight details or to underline a specific angle of the garden. These lamps are made of quality materials such as polyethene, polycarbonate and brushed aluminium to resist rain and moisture. LED floor lamps are among the most appreciated because they guarantee efficient lighting and low energy consumption. The bright vases and the Flower Family chairs proposed by Linea Light are some of the floor lamps with an original design, that contribute to decorating your garden. Outdoor floor lamps enrich outdoor spaces thanks to their unique design, being real decorative accessories. They are also essential to create the right light in order to spend nice moments on the terrace or the garden, not only during the summer but all year round.

Outdoor floor lamps: garden spotlights

In this section, there are also more technical items such as ground spotlights and spotlights with picket proposed as an alternative to decorative floor lamps for outdoor. These devices allow you to create illuminated walkways or direct the light to a specific point in the garden. For example, spotlights with pegs are a practical and economical idea to illuminate plants, trees and flowerbeds. This type of lighting often proves to be the most effective solution to create suggestive light strokes thanks to the adjustable diffuser to point downwards on paths and walkways, or upwards to highlight the foliage of the trees or the walls.

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