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Outdoor lamps for gardens, terraces and verandas

Wall light double emission
70.76 €
Outdoor chandelier
866.20 €
735.90 €
Outdoor wall light
902.80 €
766.90 €
Outdoor concrete floor lamp
1,488.40 €
1,264.90 €
Outdoor floor lamp
860.10 €
730.90 €
Bollard for outdoors small
640.50 €
511.90 €
Aluminium wall light with double emission
75.64 €
Contemporary wall light cube
63.44 €
Modern LED wall lamp
82.96 €
Outdoor line profile
419.38 €
335.50 €
Outdoor ceiling light
68.32 €
53.95 €
Copper applique/ceiling light
401.38 €
320.90 €
Outdoor floor lamp
324.84 €
242.90 €
Bollard for outdoors
1,163.88 €
930.90 €
Copper garden pole
706.38 €
564.90 €
Square outdoor wall lamp
129.63 €
103.70 €
Recessed spotlight
106.75 €
85.40 €
Table lamp multifunction
280.60 €
237.90 €
Outdoor floor lamp
254.31 €
189.91 €
Rectangular outdoor wall lamp
207.20 €
154.90 €
Garden pole in brass
491.66 €
392.90 €
Brass ceiling light
346.48 €
276.90 €
Outdoor lamp with sun light
210.10 €
156.90 €
Outdoor light
1,512.80 €
1,209.90 €
Outdoor floor lamp
1,610.40 €
1,287.91 €
Brass wall light
513.62 €
409.90 €
Outdoor recessed spotlight
91.50 €
73.20 €
Bollard for outdoors
761.28 €
608.90 €
5 year
Driveable recessed spotlight
326.35 €
243.90 €
Outdoor projector
1,012.60 €
859.90 €
Outdoor chandelier
309.88 €
246.90 €
Bollard for outdoors
653.92 €
522.90 €
Outdoor wall light
329.40 €
262.90 €
Floor light for outdoor
720.00 €
Wall and ceiling lamp for terraces and outdoors
65.00 €
Floor light for outdoor
838.00 €
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Wide choice of outdoor lighting accessories

In the catalog of outdoor lamps we offer a wide selection of lighting accessories such as garden bollards, walkable spotlights, wall lamps and floor lamps. Lighting gardens, terraces and verandas means giving more value to your home, enriching it with the right light and enhancing even the spaces that sometimes go into the background.

Buy online among the many models of outdoor lamps, hundreds of items ready for delivery and attractive prices.


Outdoor lamps for garden lighting

If you are looking for outdoor lamps that allow you to fully enjoy your garden even until late at night, or if you want to give an original touch to the outdoor spaces of your home, Light Shopping offers a wide range of lamps for outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lamps help you create the right atmosphere for any occasion, whether you want to spend relaxing hours in the garden with your family, or whether you plan to organise a party or dinner outdoors.

Just place beautiful garden lamps in the right places to achieve the desired effect.

For example, Cat, Boo, and Nuk by Faro Barcelona are practical and versatile outdoor lamps, that can be moved easily and placed where there is less light. Characterised by a round and cheerful design, if placed on the ground or suspended from the branches of a tree, they give a touch of magic to the environment. They are excellent outdoor lighting solutions, because thanks to the use of LED technology, they allow low energy consumption.

A model of garden lamp useful for dinners and outdoor parties is the Fiesta suspension lamp by Ideal Lux, with a modern design and round light bulbs, it is a perfect light decoration to create the right atmosphere in your garden in such occasions.

Other types of outdoor lamps designed for specific purposes are outdoor spotlights and garden bollards for lighting pathways, appliqués and outdoor ceiling lights for entryways, the garage area, the terrace or the veranda.

Outdoor lighting for greater security

An adequate outdoor lighting can make the garden a comfortable and safe space. With regard to safety, it is essential to position the outdoor lights appropriately.

The areas to pay more attention to are those near the entrances, corners, steps and the garage area. Make sure that these areas are well lit at night to avoid accidents and risk getting hurt.

Thanks to the right outdoor lighting, you will be able to appreciate more the pleasant hours in the open air during summer evenings and enjoy that feeling of well-being in your garden or terrace.

Outdoor lighting improves the exterior appearance of your home and adds a decorative note to the exteriors and the areas surrounding the house, emphasising the architectural style. The bi-emission appliques offer a direct luminous flux both upwards and downwards, allowing to play with light.

Outdoor lamps of the best quality

Our outdoor lamps, in addition to being distinguished by a modern design, are made of high-quality materials and a high IP, that ensures the protection of the lamps from weathering, corrosion and temperature changes. You have to make sure to choose the garden lamps according to the specific areas in which they will be placed.

If you plan to install lamps or outdoor spotlights in an irrigated lawn, it is advisable to choose those with an IP equal to 67 to ensure adequate protection against water infiltration. An IP 65 indicates that the lamp is resistant to dust and splashes of water. An adequate degree of protection allows the lamps to work properly without undesired malfunctions.

Another aspect to consider is LED technology. LED outdoor lamps have the advantage of instantaneous ignition, allowing them to achieve significant energy savings. Recent advances in the LED technology sector have led to ever-increasing lighting at lower prices.

Our garden lamp bollards from Ideal Lux and Faro Outdoor brands are highly appreciated, giving a touch of modernity to the lighting of the driveway and can be combined with outdoor wall lamps of the same design. If you want lamps to be placed directly on the lawn, the Linea Light OHPS and OH models are very suitable.

All our brands use quality materials, generally stainless steel and aluminium for their great resistance to rust. Glass is frequently used for the construction of wall applique and garden bollards.

All lamps are also available in a range of colours to suit every taste. On our site, you will find a wide selection of all these items. Browse our online catalogue and buy from home the lamps for the outdoor lighting you want. If you need technical assistance contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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