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Floor lamps

Floor lamp with flexible diffusers
858.88 €
729.90 €
Arch-shaped floor lamp
1,919.06 €
Design metal floor lamp
641.00 €
Floor lamp with adjustable brightness
1,022.00 €
Floor light modern
938.18 €
Portable lantern
235.00 €
Vintage floor lamp
1,787.95 €
Design metal floor lamp
2,379.00 €
1,949.90 €
Modern table lamp
673.44 €
606.10 €
Bollard for outdoors
733.40 €
549.90 €
Outdoor design floor lamp
488.00 €
413.90 €
Design floor lamp
2,660.00 €
2,393.90 €
Portable lamp
280.00 €
251.91 €
Floor lamp with glass diffuser
1,535.00 €
1,380.91 €
Floor light for hall four elements
871.08 €
Classic floor lamp
218.08 €
174.46 €
Classic floor lamp
2,244.80 €
Design table or floor lamp
570.00 €
Design table or floor lamp
375.76 €
338.18 €
Outdoor lamp
573.40 €
515.90 €
Outdoor projector
369.05 €
295.24 €
Floor light modern
877.18 €
Outdoor wall light
939.40 €
844.90 €
Floor lamp with glass diffuser
986.98 €
Outdoor wall light
585.60 €
526.91 €
Design metal floor lamp
685.00 €
Design metal floor lamp
1,207.80 €
Marble table lamp
2,623.00 €
Outdoor design floor lamp
1,304.18 €
Basic spotlight
908.90 €
817.90 €
Round lamp
817.40 €
734.90 €
Basic spotlight
567.30 €
509.90 €
Glass table lamp
1,317.60 €
Bollard for outdoors double light emission
652.70 €
586.91 €
Design metal floor lamp
479.46 €
Outdoor spotlight
829.60 €
745.90 €
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Light the house with floor lamps


Floor lamps: versatility, quality and convenience

The floor lamps are precious accessories for those looking for a versatile solution and to aid the main lighting. Floor lamps or floor lamps are very useful to diversify the lighting in every room of the home or office thanks to the fact that they can be moved easily and the possibility of creating new light points in the desired corners. If you need a focused and directional light, it is advisable to choose a floor lamp with a lampshade or a rotating spotlight, so you can direct the light beam towards the area you want to illuminate. If, on the other hand, the need is to vary the intensity of the brightness, you have to choose "dimmable" floor lamps with light modulator, in this way you can create the atmosphere you prefer.


From the aesthetic point of view, floor lamps are important furnishing accessories to characterize your home. Floor lamps can be simple to be anonymous and almost invisible or unique and precious, to capture the observer's gaze. The aesthetic aspect is the basis for the choice in the purchase of a floor lamp that must at the same time be pleasant to see and functional according to your needs. On


Light Shopping you will find floor lamps with the best quality/price ratio: both design floor lamps of famous brands such as Artemide, and floor lamps of lesser known brands, cheaper from the economical point of view and at the same time quality lamps at the best price possible.

In this section is proposed a wide range of floor lamps models in various styles and for various environments to choose the one that suits your needs, always updated with the latest news. An opportunity to find design and cutting-edge items at affordable prices.


How to choose the ideal floor lamp

Correct lighting makes the environments more livable. There are many alternatives suggested here to allow you to choose the ideal floor lamp for the different rooms of your home.

Both in the living area and in the sleeping area, the floor lamps represent a practical and stylish solution. The floor lamps can be appreciated beyond for the visual comfort they give to the rooms, even for the beauty of a simple aesthetic or enriched with exclusive finishes. They are also suitable for exploiting an empty corner of the room, defining the environment, distinguishing the overall atmosphere.

To facilitate the choice of the most suitable floor lamp, it is essential to start from the type of environment in which you want to position and establish the function that it must perform.

Having clarified this aspect, you can devote yourself to the search for the ideal floor lamp.



Light Shopping proposes floor lamps with a traditional design provided with a base and a vertical stem. But also more elaborate articles.

Like the floor lamps with eccentric shapes that play with geometric volumes. Such as the H2O F floor lamps of the design brand. If you have small spaces you will have to choose a special model, of modest size.

While if you want to give a touch of liveliness to a static environment there is no lack of possibilities to play with design and colors. In fact, floor lamps are available to meet all furnishing and lighting needs, made of different materials, styles, shapes and sizes.

When choosing a floor lamp, consider the luminous effect you want to achieve. Those with indirect light project the light onto the ceiling, allowing to obtain a reflected light. While those under direct light direct the luminous flux over a precise area. These are ideal for example to create a relaxing corner in the living room for reading.



Generally, the arch shaped floor lamps are preferred and used to create environments illuminated by a soft and soft background light. Many models are equipped with a dimmer system that allows you to adjust the light intensity and choose between different shades, depending on the various times of the day. Among the top-of-the-range lamps, Artemide floor lamps are very successful. Their silhouette certainly makes them a central piece in furnishing an environment such as a living room.

LED floor lamps: cutting-edge technology and new trends

In recent years LED floor lamps have gradually replaced the floor lamps with halogen light source. The modern LED floor lamps can easily become the main lighting source.

They represent a valid alternative to chandeliers or table lamps and are able to illuminate with numerous color variations, passing from a warm white light to a more cold. Energy savings are significant because consumption is much lower; moreover, the price is much more accessible than in the past thanks to constant technological progress.


Being movable objects, the floor lamps allow you to add a light point where you want, to create the atmosphere appropriate to the context. The design of the available models allows you to wander between numerous solutions: from those with dimmer, to those with adjustable height or with a flexible arm with filiform structures, minimal and chromed lines that fit perfectly into contemporary contexts. It is this attitude of combining aesthetics and functionality that makes the floor lamps very popular furnishings.

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