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Choose the LED steplights for home lighting

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Path markers: practical and versatile solution for lighting environments


Illuminate the home environments with the LED steplights

The LED steplight spotlights are the ideal solution for home lighting. Both for indoor and outdoor spaces.

In the rooms of your home, the spotlights are usually placed in the lower part of the wall. With the function of illuminating the lower part of a room that would otherwise be obscured. Specifically, by directing the light beam towards the floor, precisely to signal the path. In this way it will be possible to avoid turning on chandeliers or wall lights.

The LED steplights therefore represent an effective solution for lighting corridors or even very large rooms. In which you want to create a special atmosphere. Thanks to the LED technology it allows to give life to a guaranteed decorative effect.

The LED step markers offer numerous advantages. Including a considerable duration over time. Certainly lower energy consumption, allowing you to be even more respectful of the environment.


Lots of variants of LED wall spotlights

The recessed LED spotlights are used to highlight furnishing components and transit areas. The LED steplights are made of different materials. Aluminum, plaster and steel are just a few. They are offered in different variations of shapes, colors, sizes and finishes.

They are designed to meet multiple needs. So it will be easy to find the most suitable LED marker for personal taste in the wide range of spotlights available on Light Shopping.

The LED path markers can spread the light up or down. They can have different optics and various color temperatures. In this way they can be inserted in any living environment, giving the right brightness to the rooms in the home.


LED steplight: not only illuminate, but also decorate

As for outdoor spaces, the LED steplights are used above all to illuminate the house externally. Positioned directly on the walls of your home, they will help to create a decorative effect at night. Making outdoor environments more illuminated and safe.

The LED step markers are also used to signal external routes. Maybe positioned along walls that delimit the entrance to the house or an entrance driveway.

The outdoor LED steplights are built with technical features suitable for weathering. In such a way that it can last over time and maintain its aesthetic appearance and functionality.

The recessed outdoor LED spotlights are designed and designed with adequate IP. They allow to avoid the entry of foreign bodies and water inside the spotlight itself. All LED markers dedicated to outdoor areas are marked with a specific IP.


Choose steplight spotlights of the best quality

Inside our shop you can find a vast range of LED steplights. Above all i-Lèd spotlights, the Linea Light brand dedicated to technical light.

Recessed LED spotlights have different characteristics. Depending on whether their use is indicated for home interiors or exteriors. Faro Barcelona, ​​for example, offers a wide selection of LED markers suitable for facades and low walls.

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