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Sphere shaped table lamp
195.20 €
174.90 €
Design table lamp
475.80 €
427.90 €
Glass table lamp
915.00 €
Transportable lamp
1,171.20 €
Rechargeable table lamp
420.90 €
377.90 €
Portable lantern
259.08 €
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design desk light
450.00 €
337.90 €
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Design table lamp
382.08 €
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Table lamp with glass diffusor
124.44 €
102.04 €
Design table lamp
216.34 €
Minimal table lamp
122.00 €
100.04 €
Outdoor portable lamp
109.80 €
90.04 €
Modern LED table lamp
490.00 €
440.90 €
Table lamp with dimmer
470.00 €
422.90 €
Modern table lamp
714.90 €
Table lamp adjustable
225.70 €
185.07 €
Small design table lamp
274.50 €
225.09 €
Design bedside lamp
67.95 €
Rechargeable table lamp
103.70 €
85.03 €
Large design table lamp
305.00 €
250.10 €
Design table lamp
590.57 €
Wall light dimmabel
120.90 €
Portable lamp multifuction
96.38 €
76.95 €
Table lamp with translucent diffusor
312.30 €
Table lamp with glass diffusor
104.92 €
86.03 €
geometric table lamp
210.23 €
Table lamp colourful
252.11 €
Metal and glass table lamp
213.50 €
175.07 €
Table lamp
62.22 €
51.02 €
Touch table lamp with USB
120.78 €
95.95 €
Table or bedside lamp
91.50 €
75.03 €
Table lamp colourful
259.08 €
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Table lamp modern style
231.80 €
190.08 €
Table lamp
97.60 €
80.03 €
Small design table lamp
259.08 €
Rechargeable table lamp
258.21 €
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Choose modern design for the furnishing of your home

Are you a lover of design and do you like keeping up with the trends in lighting and interior design? Light Shopping offers you a wide selection of modern table lamps always in line with the latest updates in terms of style. For any environment and location, you can choose from the many models of modern table lamps, designed to be inserted harmoniously according to the needs. Take advantage immediately, if you wish we can also provide you with a tailor made a customized quotation.



Modern practical and versatile table lamps

Modern table lamps can fulfil different purposes and uses. They are suitable for illuminating offices, creating a reading space in a house, making the living room brighter or giving a special atmosphere to your bedroom. There are several models and the decision can be challenging.


When choosing the right table lamp you need to consider every aspect and make evaluations based on your personal taste, the setting in which you will place the lamp, the style of furniture present, the type of light you want to achieve, and the aesthetic appearance. If the table lamp is bought for an office, the most important aspect to pay attention to is the type of light emitted.


The characteristics of your modern table lamp will determine a favourable working condition to avoid eye strain and promote concentration. The type of light source, the presence of a folding arm and a dimmer to adjust the brightness based on your lighting needs are important elements to ensure the ideal light and carry out the best work.

Modern table lamps to decorate your home

Lighting plays a decisive role in the furnishings and influences the visual impact of the space in which they are located. The modern table lamps are among the most cult lighting accessories in the lighting design sector. Famous lighting companies are engaged in the production of absolutely unique objects of their kind and of the highest quality. Inside the section dedicated to modern table lamps, it is possible to find many lighting accessories that adapt to every personal need and furnishing style.


Modern table lamps are in fact versatile and functional. They can be placed in any area of ​​the house and they also can create suggestive atmospheres within a certain environment. They are ideal for bringing a touch of class to the living area, very functional in the bedroom as additional lights, to match the main one. Positioned on a bedside table these bright objects are able to recreate relaxing settings, ideal for reading or relaxing moments. Thanks to their lightness that allows easy transport, they can be moved from one room to another, in order to achieve different backgrounds.


You just have to choose the modern table lamp that best suits your personal tastes and needs, places it where you want, on nightstands, dresser and console to decorate these surfaces and illuminate every corner of your home.


Modern design table lamps

Famous designers have designed table lamps that have now become icons in the design world. On Light Shopping you can buy these innovative products. A wide selection of modern table lamps in terms of structure, material and light diffusion awaits you.


There are models of table lamps with adjustable arms such as the "Tolomeo Mini" and "Tolomeo Micro", lamps proposed by Artemide, a company in the lighting sector that has been able to innovate and keep up with the times by presenting modern solutions. Thanks to their sophisticated design, these lamps are not only functional elements but also objects characterised by a great aesthetic value, able to furnish and enriching environments.


Then there are simpler but no less interesting models such as the modern table lamps proposed by Lumen Center. Last generation materials and spherical shapes shape these modern table lamps, which will give each room a sophisticated light point that will conquer you.


Modern design table lamps will give a new light to all environments, and furnish with style every corner of your home. In this section of our catalogue, you will find modern table lamps made by designers and famous brands to satisfy all lighting needs, always guaranteeing the originality of the products and the highest quality.


The best modern decorative table lamps

Placed on tables, dressers, sideboards, consoles or desks, table lamps are pieces of furniture that should be included in a house. The modern table lamps enrich every room creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxing evenings, where light plays a leading role. On the bedside tables of the bedroom, modern table lamps will be an elegant decorative accessory proving to be precious allies for all the times you want to read a good book before falling asleep.


Modern table lamps can become the protagonists of your living room or your studio, capturing the looks of those entering the room. Whether they fit harmoniously into the home or contrast with the rest of the furniture, modern table lamps will surely be the perfect complement to bring a touch of class to your home.


Extremely useful and decorative, whatever the use you want to make, the modern table lamps will be stylish accents for your rooms. On Light Shopping we offer you a selection of modern table lamps in various models to help you choose the right lamp in harmony with the decor of your home. Choose the product you like best and buy it online from the comfort of your home.

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