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Bedroom lighting

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Recessed chandelier
196.90 €
231.80 €
Wall light / ceiling light
256.20 €
One light wall light
198.86 €
Small wall light
218.90 €
274.50 €
Modern bedside lamp
155.90 €
164.70 €
Table lamp colourful
202.90 €
253.76 €
Battery operated table lamp
398.90 €
498.98 €
Led table lamp portable with USB
268.90 €
359.25 €
Indoor aluminum wall light
462.90 €
579.50 €
Round ceiling light
310.90 €
414.54 €
Floor lamp with lampshade
295.90 €
395.08 €
Table lamp
158.91 €
212.57 €
Table lamp with translucent diffusor
195.20 €
Wall light with lampshaped
110.90 €
148.43 €
Applique with reading lamp
140.90 €
189.09 €
Ceiling light modern
121.90 €
163.13 €
Applique with reading lamp
96.95 €
114.20 €
Contemporary wall light
92.95 €
110.45 €
Wall light with USB charger
100.89 €
135.35 €
Crystal ceiling and wall light
222.89 €
262.30 €
Colourful wall light
198.86 €
Design table lamp
283.89 €
298.90 €
Applique with table
160.91 €
214.66 €
Sphere shaped chandelier
218.99 €
Outdoor lamp with sun light
156.90 €
210.10 €
Adjustable ceiling light
271.90 €
286.70 €
Floor light colourful
217.90 €
273.28 €
Round downlight spotlight
147.90 €
197.64 €
Design metal floor lamp
849.12 €
Spotlight for wall
186.90 €
220.00 €
Sphere shaped chandelier
250.91 €
314.76 €
Bathroom's wall light
69.95 €
82.80 €
Conical chandelier
86.95 €
116.08 €
Design wall light
888.16 €
Recessed ceiling light
63.95 €
76.03 €
Small round ceiling light
445.90 €
524.60 €
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Wide choice of lamps for lighting the bedroom

The bedroom is among the rooms in the home that do not need strong lighting. On the contrary, it is preferable to have an indirect and soft light that does not bother and promote rest.

It will be essential to place various light sources in this space in order to obtain the right lighting that helps to confer even more atmosphere.

The bedroom lamps that cannot be missing in this room are the lampshades. In fact infusing the room with a soft light creates a pleasant atmosphere, which invites to rest. But there are other possibilities.

Light Shopping offers different types of lamps for bedroom lighting, starting from bedside lamps for all tastes, from chandeliers to ceiling lights, from sconces to spotlights.

Browse our catalog of bedroom lamps and choose the one you prefer. You can contact our customer service to ask for help or more information.


The right lighting: lamps for bedroom

To ensure that the bedroom is a cozy and intimate environment, we need the right light.

Bedroom lighting is essential both for enhancing furnishing and for your well-being so that you can enjoy the best of your rest time. In the bedroom you need soft lights to combine sleep and specific lights for other activities such as reading, watching TV, being on the PC or tablet.

Generally, in the double rooms the bedside lamps are used placed on the bedside tables on the sides of the bed. It is easy to imagine them as classic table lamps with lampshade, but today there are various types with original design or those with wall lamps with adjustable light.

The lamps for the bedroom are not just those on the bedside table. Equally important is the general and widespread one. Particularly in vogue are the LED lamps to create light effects, being able to regulate the intensity and have, from time to time, a soft light for ambient atmospheres, or very bright.

The type of lamp chosen also influences the bedroom furniture, for example a design chandelier definitely becomes the star of the room.

How to enlighten the bedroom

We already have highlighted that the atmosphere of a room has to be cozy and relaxed. So, for a perfect bedroom lighting you should take care of these factors. Regarding the general lighting is to exclude the use of lamps that can dazzle while lying in bed, therefore you should prefer an indirect light when possible, with warm and dimmable light.



Regarding the arrangement of the lights, is preferable to place various types at specific points of the room. Firstly, you can think about a beautiful and original chandelier, but with the light beam directed on the ceiling. If you don't like the suspended lamps, you can opt for a ceiling lamp or another good alternative can be the installation of some wall lamps, which can enlight the room quite effectively.

You can also use floor lamps, even if they have the disadvantage of taking up more space than the other lamps. Anyhow, they are perfect in a dark corner or next to the bedroom armchair to make the room brighter and more pleasurable. The stem floor lamps are perfect for a contemporary room, while those with the lampshade are very comfortable in retro-style rooms, the arc lamps are ideal for modern areas thanks to the strong visual impact.



A poorly valued area is the wall behind the bed that contrariwise, deserves so much more consideration since it's one of the most visible area of this room. Among the most useful lighting sources to enhance this area, appliques and light bars are certainly the most suitable. They are very useful both for wall decoration and also to create an atmosphere lighting.

Above the nightstands and the dresser you can use the classic table lamps with lampshade, which creates an excellent warm and restful lighting. They are not very practical for those who use their beds to read books, because in this case, the lamps with lampshade have the problem of provide a too faint lighting that does not help the reading. In these cases, it's better to opt for wall lamps with reading light, that can be oriented at will, based on your needs.

Other useful areas to enlight in a bedroom are the wardrobes. In this case, the best lighting inside the wardrobes are the spotlights or LED bars that can be placed above the cloth hangers and preferably with presence sensor, in order to avoid to forget leaving the light switched on in the wardrobe.

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