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Cheap wall lamps for home

Vintage ceiling lamp
65.00 €
57.95 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Vintage wall light
91.50 €
75.03 €
Vintage wall light
63.95 €
Square outdoor wall lamp
89.95 €
Polycarbonate wall light for outdoor
54.95 €
Adjustable outdoor projector
85.00 €
Outdoor wall light
45.75 €
32.00 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Plaster wall light
50.95 €
Rectangular outdoor wall lamp
98.95 €
Outdoor wall light small
86.95 €
Large round outdoor wall lamp
59.95 €
Round outdoor wall lamp
48.95 €
Contemporary wall light
93.95 €
Wall light clip with pliers
60.95 €
Wall light
78.95 €
Wall light
68.95 €
Spotlight for wall
34.95 €
Chandelier two light
71.96 €
Ceiling lamp two light
62.95 €
Ceiling lamp three light
91.95 €
Rustic wall light
103.70 €
85.03 €
Contemporary wall light
75.64 €
62.02 €
Wall light
114.68 €
94.04 €
Wall lamp
88.95 €
Outdoor wall light old style
97.95 €
Wall light
74.42 €
61.02 €
Wall lamp for decorative lighting
83.95 €
Outdoor wall light
84.95 €
Classic outdoor wall light
32.94 €
27.01 €
Wall light classic style
37.82 €
31.01 €
Outdoor wall light
96.95 €
Outdoor wall light
99.95 €
Vintage wall light
25.95 €
Square spotlight directable
106.14 €
87.03 €
Vintage wall light
57.34 €
47.02 €
Outdoor wall light
40.96 €
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Wall light: decorative lighting for your home

To enrich your home with light, opt for cheap wall lamps. Wall lights are an excellent solution for decorative lighting of the house and on our online catalog you will find many selected for your bright and budget needs. Take advantage of the advantageous prices available on our online shop!


Cheap wall light to light up your home without spending much

Inexpensive wall lights are the perfect lighting solution to satisfy multiple light functions for domestic environments with an overall low cost. In fact, with the light produced by an applique you can transform the spaces of your home such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, corridors or bathrooms. On Light Shopping you have a wide range of cheap but quality wall lights available for materials, colors, lighting and style. You have the opportunity to filter the wall lights according to your needs and to choose by price range, color, material, style, setting and brand.


Cheap wall lights synonymous of practicality

More than any other type of lamp, wall lights ensure high flexibility. These wall lamps perform different functions representing a type of lighting suitable for different purposes. Wall lights guarantee both ambient light and light centered on a detail, they can diffuse light in different directions like for example the wall lights with double light emission that exploit the reflection against the wall, radiating the environment with the right lighting both upwards and e design versions deserve particular attention among the cheap wall lights. In our catalog, in fact, there are appliques which, although they are of design, are inexpensive. This type of wall lamp enriches the rooms with creativity, representing a piece of furniture with a high artistic and aesthetic value. Focusing on cheap wall lights means preferring lighting solutions that create a soft light, which stands out on the walls, softening the space. On Light shopping you have at your disposal a wide selection of cheap wall lights to indulge in style and color at a reasonable price.

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