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The best brands of design floor lamps

Design metal floor lamp
673.00 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Floor lamp with adjustable brightness
1,073.00 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Portable lamp
280.00 €
251.91 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Floor light modern
1,865.00 €
1,677.90 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Outdoor table lamp
317.20 €
252.91 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Sphere spotlight
80.00 €
Shipped within 24 hours
Vintage floor lamp
1,685.00 €
Design table or floor lamp
570.00 €
Design metal floor lamp
750.00 €
Outdoor design table lamp
323.00 €
257.90 €
Glass table lamp
382.31 €
304.90 €
Floor lamp with lampshade
427.83 €
319.90 €
Floor lamp with wooden diffuser
480.84 €
359.90 €
Design table lamp
295.00 €
Rechargeable table lamp
286.05 €
213.90 €
Floor lamp with lampshade
512.24 €
383.90 €
Floor light design
1,080.00 €
Floor light
1,860.00 €
Floor light with extile lampshade
339.60 €
253.89 €
Floor light with extile lampshade
482.05 €
360.90 €
Design floor lamp
394.19 €
314.89 €
Floor light design
995.00 €
Floor light design
835.00 €
Floor light design
755.00 €
Floor light with extile lampshade
469.70 €
421.90 €
Floor light
1,140.00 €
Floor light
1,205.00 €
Floor lamp
1,015.00 €
Floor lamp
690.00 €
Design chandelier with spherical diffuser
523.38 €
391.90 €
Floor light modern
376.91 €
300.90 €
Floor light minimal
466.75 €
349.90 €
Design floor lamp with crystal sphere
663.42 €
496.91 €
Modern floor lamp with light point
157.01 €
116.90 €
Floor lamp with table
432.12 €
323.90 €
Portable bright cube
70.46 €
48.95 €
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Original floor lamps: choose quality and design at the best price

The design floor lamps are often real furnishing accessories because of their size and features, they become prominent elements that enrich the spaces.

Browse our online catalogue, you can choose from a wide range of the original designer floor lamps of the best brands, designed by the most famous Italian and international designers. Stay up to date on all our offers! Discover the design at the best price! Contact our customer service for more information. 

Original floor lamps: a solution for all environments

A floor lamp is the perfect piece of furniture for enhancing every corner of a house with the right light. Floor lamps were once used to strengthen the light of pendant lamps and chandeliers: a light to be used combined with that of the central lamp of the room and in a similar style.

Today it often happens that a floor lamp is used as the main light becoming a fundamental element both in terms of lighting and furnishings.


Choose how to give the right light with a floor lamp

To light a bedroom or a living room it is possible to use a floor lamp that diffuses the light in a uniform and diffused way, creating a comfortable and relaxing environment.

In fact, we can find floor lamps with lampshades, ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere with soft light. Or you can opt for arc floor lamps, used extensively both as a floor lamp for reading in a large living room, and as a light for lighting modern dining tables.

Let's not forget the office floor lamp, perfect both for decorating work environments and for illuminating areas that would otherwise be forgotten or for obtaining a punctual light point thanks to an adjustable floor lamp.


An original floor lamp therefore becomes an effective furnishing accessory, designed for impact lighting and capable of creating decorative effects also thanks to LED technology. Placed in a corner to illuminate the sofa area, or in the case of those equipped with a movable arm used for lighting a dining table or desk, it will never be trivial or useless.


Dimmable floor lamp: floor lamps for all uses

A feature that enriches design floor lamps is, for some models, the ability to adjust the light intensity, allowing you to decide whether to choose a strong or soft light, even depending on the phases of the day or the use that you want to do.

Often floor lamps are used as reading lights. For this reason, it is important that the light emitted does not strain your eyes and allow prolonged use.

Browse our catalogue, you will find the design of the best brands, innovation and many new and always trendy styles.

LED floor lamp: energy saving and efficiency

If you want to illuminate your spaces taking into account both efficiency and energy saving, a LED floor lamp is the ideal solution.

LED technology will allow you to obtain the quantity and quality of light you need by limiting consumption and therefore overall energy costs as much as possible.

What are you waiting for? Choose your LED floor lamp from many items that reflects your tastes and furnishing needs.

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