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An extensive catalog, always updated, of lamps and LèD spotlights, at the best prices. Thousands of design lamps of the best brands to light up and decorate internal and external location of home and office. Fast shipping and impeccable customer service to make your shopping experience ... bright.
Light Shopping offers you a wide selection of modern chandeliers at discounted prices. Choose your favorite online by setting the filters on the SHOP page, it will be fast, fun and will quickly come to your home. View more
Would you like to give a fresh look to your house? Add some applique, it will be fun to change style and give it a touch of class. Give the thousands of applique available on Light Shopping a look, you will find lots of original and design wall lamps to light with style and enhance the room. View more
The simplicity of ceiling lights of yore, today becomes expression of elegance and LED technology. Ceiling lamps aren't suitable only for bathrooms and halls, but are perfect also for livingrooms and bedrooms, giving them a touch of style. Check our ceiling lights catalogue now! View more
Light up your garden with our proposals for outdoor lamps: garden bollard, wall lights and many models of LED spotlights. Choose quality lighting and enjoy your outdoor spaces! See more
A floor lamp is perfect for enhancing the corners of the house with the right light. Today the floor lamps become effective furnishings, designed for impact lighting, often thanks to LED technology. Browse our catalog, you will find the design of the best brands, innovation and many styles. View more
Are your children going to start the new school year and you want them to study as comfortable as possible? Light Shopping is well aware of the needs of its customers, and it is precisely for this reason that for the month of September it has selected for you a wide range of desk lamps for all tastes. Among the items we offer are several LED lamps that diffuse the light in a uniform way and that can be used for several hours, ensuring a limited energy consumption. Take this chance immediately and buy your desk lamp directly online on our site! View more
Give your home a new look and stay updated on lighting news! Many design chandeliers designed by the best designers and planned to furnish and give the right style. View more
Axolight offers Made in Italy design lamps that combine style, aesthetics and LED technology. The Axolight offer is not limited to simple lamps but at the request of the customer, each lamp becomes a tailor-made furnishing accessory. Discover the new items now! See more

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Thousands of lamps for sale online

Light Shopping is an e-commerce specialised in the sale of lamps and chandeliers. The very long experience in the lighting industry allows us to provide an excellent service regarding the security of purchases, the speed of delivery and the quality of the products. We like that our customers have the possibility to choose between lots of different models of lamps. For this reason, our catalogue is always constantly updated, both as regards the insertion of new items, and the number of brands available.

The best lighting brands can be found on Light Shopping

Within our shop we wanted to give space to some of the most famous lighting brands like Artemide, Vistosi, Rotaliana, Ma&De, representing the excellence of design and Made in Italy, and others like which stands out for the originality of its creations rigorously handmade. In the last period, we decided to make our catalogue international, inserting among the producers the Spanish brand Faro Barcelona, which allowed us to greatly expand the choice of our products and enrich ourselves with the style of a new brand. Our goal for the future is to continue to grow, providing you with other Italian and foreign lighting brands. Do not miss our news! Stay up to date on our Light Shopping catalogue!

How to choose the right lamp

In the Light Shopping shop, there are thousands of models of chandeliers, appliques, table lamps, floor lamps, spotlights and ceiling lights. It is very easy to choose the perfect lamp for your needs, in fact, you can select the brand, the type of application, the style you like best, the price ranges and many other features. Using the filters becomes fun and fast to find the lamps suitable for your home! Are you looking for a modern chandelier? It will be enough to choose between "suspension lamps" and "modern" styles, and the game is done: you will be offered a further refinement selection of modern chandeliers of the best lighting brands. Are you interested in buying LED spotlights ? Click the "recessed" and "LED technology" items, you will discover a vast range of LED recessed spotlights for walls, ceilings, indoor and outdoor.

We want our customers to buy the lamps that best suit their style

When furnishing a house, it is extremely important to have an eye for what concerns the aspect of lighting, not only it is important to choose lamps that adequately illuminate the rooms, but it is essential to opt for the right style, which can be similar to the surrounding furnishings or designed to create the desired contrast. For example, the combination of modern furniture and antique crystal chandeliers is very interesting. To help you make your choice of an applique or a table lamp , we have dedicated an entire section to the styles, including the most popular ones and those that are part of the latest trends in the field of furniture and lighting, such as Shabby Chic, Glam and Boho. By selecting different filters, you will find many modern lights, vintage wall lamps, classic lamps, Venetian style chandeliers and, why not, also many rustic lamps.

For each lamp we indicate precisely every detail

Some of our brands produce handmade lamps available only by order. This is why we have included in our site the possibility to filter the lamps that should be ordered from those on stock, that are the ones available in shorter times. It is possible to know, before concluding the purchase, what will be approximately the delivery times of the lamps you intend to buy. All models of lamps and chandeliers are accompanied by a description and a technical sheet in which all the features are listed. Also, if you need more information about the products, you can contact our customer service over the scheduled times or send us an email. We will be able to answer all your questions and help you choose easily the lamps that best suite your needs.
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