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Lighten with style

In this section we have divided our lamps collections by style, in order to make it easier for you to choose your ideal lamp. Light Shopping offers you a wide range of chandeliers, table lamps, ceiling lamps, lampshades, wall lamps to enlighten your home with style. We periodically update our catalog with many trendy proposals to meet any lighting need. If you love modern style and your surroundings reflect it, our original metal lamps can be the right choice. Instead, if you are among those that combine the classic style with the refinement of the materials and the luxury to exhibit, then you can not fail to appreciate our elegant classic chandeliers. Find your style from classic, modern, vintage, industrial, minimal, shabby chic, country and order online today.
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Basic is simplicity that is expressed through basic shapes and materials. Neutral shades for a style that doesn't want to exceed in terms of colors and design.
The Boho style is a symbol of freedom and color. It is a perfect mix of unkempt and glitz. Natural fibers and weaves to create original design lamps.
The classic style is a constant over time, in the lighting is manifested with elegant details, such as fabric lampshades and refined lines.
The classic modern style is the perfect combination between the classic lines and the use of more modern materials. Design lighting to give an innovative touch to more traditional environments.
Color is vivacity and joy, designed for young and fresh environments is expressed through colored chandeliers, with original and fun shapes.
Innovative materials, squared or rounded shapes are the main characteristics of contemporary style, which is also expressed through design chandeliers.
The Country style with its warm tones evokes a country atmosphere, where soft lighting is essential to recreate a country setting.
Glam means luxury and elegance. Crystal chandeliers are perfect to create reflections of light and to recreate a style capable of attracting attention.
Hitech is technology and design. The LED spotlights, functional and energy-saving, are the elements that best represent the essence of this style.
The industrial style is inspired by the old deposits of the '50s transformed into lofts. Metals and raw materials are the elements that also influence the field of lighting.
The Luxury style is made for lovers of luxury and luxury. Furniture from other eras combined with eccentric and eye-catching furnishing accessories, such as crystal chandeliers or chandeliers.
The lamps in a material style are able to transmit tactile emotions thanks to the sensorial power of the innovative materials with which they are built.
The minimalist style represents the purity of the lines and the monochromatic color, which is also expressed through the accessories for lighting.
The modern style uses the latest materials, marrying the concept of order and practicality and proposing design lamps with clean and squared lines.
The nautical style is inspired by the seafaring tradition, with its colors reminiscent of the sea and lamps that reflect the characteristics of the ancient naval lanterns.
The Nordic style, using simple and clean lines, expresses to the maximum its characteristics through the wood, a material able to evoke the essence of this trend.
Office groups all desk lamps and chandeliers suitable for office lighting. Simple lines and functionality to give a light suitable for work.
The charm of the East involves us through the delicacy of the lines and the naturalness of the materials, expressing all its exoticity with the oriental style lamps.
Pop Art is a lively style that strikes for the bright colors and the original shapes, giving life to a lighting that amazes and makes every room unique.
The poetry of the Provençal style also for the lighting of your home. Shabby chic lamps to give the romantic touch of the country atmosphere.
Elegance and splendor find their maximum expression through the Venetian style chandeliers, characterized by decorative elements in glass and crystal.
The vintage style takes us back to past eras where each piece was the symbol of a generation. Lamps of retro design designed by the most famous designers.
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