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Foscarini is an Italian lighting brand that produces lamps outside traditional schemes through innovation and research of materials, shapes and solutions. Foscarini is an atelier of lighting products with well established and internationally renowned modern design.

Foscarini has always his focused on the product and thanks to his collaboration with brands of international design, both famous designers and also young talents, he identifies and values the winning elements of the concept at the basis of each offer. This characteristic allowed Foscarini to affirm itself in the design lighting scene as a reality of a strong, creative and dynamic personality. Foscarini lamps are luminous sculptures equipped with one great furnishing charge that manage to transform the space into a scenography.

Numerous are the prizes and awards won, including Compasso d'Oro with the lamps Mite and Tite, designed by Marc Sadler, collection that has opened the way for experimentation in the field of materials.

Canopies and accessories
Canopies and accessories

Thanks to the modularity of the Foscarini lamps it is possib

39.04 / 660.02 €
Gem Table and suspension lamps with a handcrafted spherical glass shade. Elegant design that enchants.
423.34 / 1,156.56 €
Uto Table lamps that can be molded with a cone diffuser to direct the light. Modern and lively look for unconventional environments.
402.60 / 501.42 €
Tuareg Lamps that look like land art works with branched tubular elements and LED light sources. Modern design for creative environments.
3,658.78 / 4,118.72 €
Troag Suspension lamps reminiscent of traditional Swedish canoes. Made of hot worked wood with PMMA diffuser.
1,110.20 / 1,215.12 €
Tress Chandeliers, wall lamps and floor lamps with glass fiber and resin lampshade. An elegant weave that creates scenic atmospheres.
512.40 / 2,363.14 €
Tite Lamps with conical diffuser made of fiberglass and carbon threads. Design and innovative materials to amaze in the spaces.
523.38 / 671.00 €
Tartan Refined lamps with spherical lampshade in worked glass with Tartan fabric effect. Handcrafted, elegant style.
657.58 / 1,792.18 €
Soffio Blown glass table lamps with shaded effect. Bright furnishing accessories for living area and bedroom.
474.58 / 1,374.94 €
Satellight Design lamps with glass bell and luminous sphere. Wall lamp, chandelier and table lamp to furnish spaces.
483.12 / 1,029.68 €
Plass Suspension and table lamps that resemble a glass bead. Poetry and elegance to illuminate and furnish the home.
546.56 / 3,766.14 €
Orbital 90s design lamps made of metal with different colored glass diffusers. Timeless art works.
1,261.48 €
Magneto Table lamps or floor lamps with stem and adjustable diffuser with magnet. Ideal as a light for reading or atmospheric lighting.
446.52 / 1,444.48 €
Lightweight Candelabra shaped chandeliers revisited in a modern key with metal rod structure and satin glass diffusers.
2,028.86 / 4,389.56 €
Kurage Design lamps inspired by the Japanese tradition. Made of washi paper and natural wood. Elegance and lightness.
664.90 €
Fields Composition of rectangular elements of different sizes, materials and colors. A work of art that furnishes and decorates the wall.
782.02 / 2,522.96 €
Glass Wall lamp in classic modern style made of white or ivory blown glass.
259.86 / 491.66 €
Dolmen Floor and suspension lamps with rectangular metal frame and four round diffusers. 90s timeless design.
1,945.90 €
Playful Lamps with a modern and original design for interiors and exteriors.
322.08 / 4,289.52 €
Striking Modern design wall lamps made of various materials. Elegant look for your home.
364.78 / 644.16 €
Chouchin Contemporary design chandeliers in the shape of Japanese lanterns. Available in various models.
306.22 / 950.38 €
Buds Design lamps with blown glass diffuser offered in three different shapes, round, oval or elongated.
672.22 / 1,094.34 €
Bit Modern wall lights characterized by a fluid and contemporary design. To be used alone or to be assembled.
290.36 €
Birdie Design lamps available in various models and sizes. Ideal in various domestic contexts.
185.44 / 768.60 €
Binic Table lamps in mastered ABS and glossy finishes. Ideal for illuminating various environments.
165.92 €
Big Bang
Big Bang Design lamps, composed of sheets of translucent methacrylate, extravagant and original.
586.82 / 5,746.20 €
Bahia Wall lights and ceiling lamps with exclusive design. Decorates the wall of the house thanks to an unusual play of light.
546.56 / 1,299.30 €
Anisha Table lamps with a contemporary design. They adapt to a plurality of domestic contexts.
403.82 / 507.52 €
Allegro & Allegretto
Allegro & Allegretto Ultra modern design chandeliers, offered in various models, sizes and finishes.
2,041.06 / 7,476.16 €
Twiggy Design lamps with a wide lampshade in the shape of a cylinder made of liquid fiberglass. IF Design Award.
994.30 / 7,826.30 €
Spokes Design chandeliers with a wide lampshade composed of steel rod spokes. Ultra modern design.
1,000.00 / 2,061.80 €
Rituals Design lamps with blown glass lampshade and striped decoration, in the shape of a Japanese lantern. Elegant design.
337.94 / 1,277.34 €
Plena Modern chandeliers with PVC lampshade in the shape of a disc. Double light emission: directed downwards and suffused upwards.
986.00 / 1,140.70 €
Mite Design floor lamps with glass fiber lampshade. Elegant and slim shape perfect for any environment.
1,050.79 / 1,686.04 €
Lumiere Design lamps with a layered blown glass lampshade. Glossy finishes. Ultra modern design.
400.00 / 1,450.58 €
Le Soleil
Le Soleil Le Soleil modern lamps with a strong stage presence, ideal for furnish numerous residential areas.
301.34 / 900.36 €
Havana Design lamps with a cigar-shaped lampshade made of satin polyethylene with diffused light emission. Contemporary design.
269.01 / 900.36 €
Gregg Modern lamps with white blown glass or polyethylene lampshade ideal for lighting indoor and outdoor environments.
143.84 / 1,230.98 €
Caboche Design lamps proposed in various versions, modern and elegant, made of pearls and precious as jewels.
418.46 / 3,211.04 €
Aplomb Modern lamps with cement lampshade available in different sizes and color finishes.
272.30 / 939.40 €
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