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Uniqueness and recognizability are the characteristic features of each Slamp lamp. Slamp's creative atelier is responsible for designing highly efficient lamps and lighting systems, through the use of exclusive, lightweight and unbreakable technopolymers that make it possible to create shapes, decorations and effects otherwise impossible to achieve. This Italian lighting company produces decorative designer lamps, drawing inspiration from the natural world and the latest artistic trends. The use of new generation materials combined with a special manual skill has allowed her to create extraordinary lamps such as Hugo Architectural. This innovative lighting system allows up to 7 modules to be connected together using a single electrical connection, a single ceiling rose and power supply. Hugo lamps offer a quality of light equal to that of technical lighting devices with the advantage of superior aesthetics. Hugo Architectural is such an innovative system that in 2019 it won the Red Dot Design Award, one of the most important design competitions in the world.
Cactus Modern lamps with an ironic design in the shape of a succulent plant, ideal for various environments
139.08 / 558.76 €
Clizia Design lamps with soft, sinuous and irregular shapes suitable for domestic and contract environments
179.34 / 915.00 €
Hugo Design lamps ideal for lighting offices, commercial and domestic environments
1,214.00 / 1,213.90 €
Veli Glamorous and sophisticated lamps inspired by the world of haute couture, ideal for various environments
168.97 / 2,879.20 €
La Lollo
La Lollo Design lamps of important dimensions characterized by precious finishes with iridescent and shiny colors
195.00 / 6,588.00 €
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