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Lodes, rebranding di Studio Italia Design, is one of the Italian companies that has distinguished itself on the international scene for the production of lighting systems. Founded in the late 40s in a Marcon artisan workshop, Studio Italia Design was specialized in blown glass processing and initially made artistic chandeliers. Over time, there have been three generations of artisans who have passionately pursued a rapid path of business growth to evolve into innovative lighting projects, in step with the times and attentive to new trends. Lodes lamps are modern and contemporary, made with the highest quality materials, refined finishes that preserve over half a century of experience in blown glass processing. Today this material is casually combined with brass, aluminum and steel, to obtain original lamps of great aesthetic style.

In fact, Lodes is characterized by the refinement and prestige of the proposed chandeliers. In addition to guaranteeing exclusively Made in Italy products, the lamps produced are aesthetically beautiful, cutting-edge technology and of great impact. As a result, they are much appreciated internationally and recognized as true furnishing accessories capable of making unique the environment, giving charm and style. The company creates models of versatile lamps, able to adapt perfectly to various contexts, from the hall of a large hotel to a domestic environment such as a dining room. Thanks to the wide range of modular systems the lamp can take different shapes and configurations. In addition, there is a large selection of glass finishes, available in transparent, gold, rose gold and chrome. Among the most appreciated lamps there are the suspension lamps, such as Sky-Fall, Spider, Nostalgia, Rain, Random and Kelly. Some models are then declined in other types, such as Puzzle,  Valentina and Nautilus, available in wall versions like applique, ceiling lights or table lamps.

Volum Volum modern lamps are designed for those looking for elegant and sophisticated lighting for their spaces.
Random Cloud
Random Cloud Blown glass chandeliers available in a variety of refined colors, ideal to fit any décor style.

The main models of Lodes chandeliers offer the ability to configure each lamp to suit your needs. Thanks to a wide range of accessories, in fact, t...

Modular chandeliers
Modular chandeliers

This is a collection of pendant lamps, designed to be configured according to specific needs or customer taste. Jefferson, Kelly, Nostalgi...

Nautilus Wall and ceiling lamps with a sophisticated design, highly versatile and functional for lighting various domestic and professional environments.
Easy Peasy
Easy Peasy Portable table lamps ideal for adding warmth and character to any environment.
Jim Modern chandeliers with a clean design and multiple shapes ideal for creating multiple compositions.
Cima Contemporary lamps with diffuser sliding along a full-height rope with the possibility of customizing the light at will.
Aile Wall lamps with a simple and dynamic design, inspired by the silhouette of the aileron of sports cars.
Blow Table lamp with magnet to direct the light.
A-Tube A-Tube is a collection of modern lamps with a tubular shape, with a precise light diffusion.
Sky-Fall Sky-Fall lamp with timeless beauty.
Bugia Modern circular ceiling light with LED light, ideal for various rooms in the home.
Pin-Up Pin Up wall light for dynamic and personalized lights.
Laser LED wall light for lighting passageways, corridors, entrances and living rooms.
MakeUp Wall light or modern ceiling lights for various compositions
Kelly Lamps with a modern dome-shaped or spherical design, made with laser cutting.
Puzzle Outdoor
Puzzle Outdoor Puzzle Outdoor wall light to light up your outdoor spaces
Puzzle Lamps for games of lights and shadows and home furnishings
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