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Il Fanale is a Venetian company specialized in the production of vintage lamps.
The ability to work metal results in the creation of unique and high quality lamps.
The classic style is masterfully reinterpreted in a modern key. Il Fanale lamps are works of “art and light” able to furnish both traditional and contemporary contexts.
Il Fanale offers a wide range of lamps that are ideal for lighting multiple environments, indoors and out. The company has a deep knowledge of materials such as iron, brass, copper, glass and ceramics. The artisan quality is accompanied by recent lighting techniques. In fact, the lamps made retain the charm and aesthetic characteristics of the old lamps and fit perfectly into vintage-style furnishing contexts, one of the fastest growing trends today.


Loft includes four industrial-style lamps for complete lighting of the house. It is a chandelier, a wall light, a floor lamp and a table lamp, all ...

Marina Marina is a collection of vintage wall lamps that satisfies purely technical needs with a unique design.
Sfere Modern lamps with spherical glass diffuser ideal for the complete lighting of the house.
Essential Lamps with a modern and trendy design with latches for adjusting the diffuser.
Borgo Lamps for outdoor lighting in a classic style revisited in a modern way.
Mini Mini, a collection of vintage lamps, blends brass and ceramic for an original design product.
Up and down
Up and down Up and down chandeliers with blown glass lampshade and brown burnt edge ideal for lighting the kitchen.
Decor Outdoor lamps for lighting outdoor environments ideal for both domestic and contract environments.
Drop Industrial design chandeliers, ideal for kitchen and living room lighting.
Garden Poles for lighting the garden and the driveway, available in various sizes and heights.
London London is a collection of industrial lamps with traditional, international and welcoming lines.
Lanterne Lantern-shaped outdoor lamps available in several versions. Ideal for decorating the terrace or porch.
Quadro Quadro is a collection of minimal custom-made lamps. It is characterized by absolute, dynamic elegance.
Anita&Fior di Pizzo
Anita&Fior di Pizzo Anita & Fior di Pizzo is a collection of classic lamps dedicated to the revisited Italian style.
Cascina Cascina, collection of vintage lamps with a material and refined look, in iron or brass.
Galileo Galileo, a collection of vintage lamps is characterized by the graphic and precise half-sphere stroke.
Barchessa Barchessa is a collection of minimal and conceptual lamps, based on the functionality of the product.
Linee Lines is a collection characterized by modern design lamps, becoming a real piece of furniture.
Bloom Bloom is a collection of designer chandeliers with a precious and refined look, made of glass.
Rilegato Rilegato is a collection of classic lamps that is part of the Italian artisan tradition.
Bonton Bonton colorful and complete collection for the lighting of all the rooms of the house.
Outdoor Outdoor is a collection for the lighting of outdoor spaces. Minimal, delicate and functional.
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