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Lumen Center catalogue: Made in Italy guaranteed lamps, created in a workshop of excellence thanks to the help of lighting designers, engineers, architects, craftsmen. Imagination meets rationality and technology, aesthetic beauty marries functionality, the Italian cultural roots open to the influence of the international context. Creativity, research and innovation are the pillars on which the Lumen projects are based with success.
Ramage Designer chandelier with tree shaped lampshade. Double dimmable LED light source.
667.90 / 749.90 €
Planets Modern chandeliers Planets with bronzed brass metal structure and spherical light points in white polyethylene.
2,199.90 €
Grus Design floor lamps Grus with an elegant design and a large fabric shade. Available in various finishes.
1,519.90 €
Astolfo Design floor lamps Astolfo with LED light source. Available in two different models.
1,449.90 / 3,600.90 €
Segno Design wall lamp Segno proposed in various forms ideal for the lighting of the corridor, entrance, stairs, living room.
158.91 / 402.91 €
Pinco & Pallino
Pinco & Pallino Modern chandeliers Pinco&Pallino with minimal design. Available in various models with LED light sources.
109.90 / 234.90 €
Outline Design wall lamps with ultra-thin LED light diffuser. Various colors available.
204.90 / 229.90 €
Luxoline Chandeliers and wall lamps in vintage style with brass or satin nickel finishes. Dimmable LED light.
649.89 / 1,949.90 €
Icelight Modern chandeliers Icelight with spherical diffusers made of micro-perforated polycarbonate. Available in various sizes.
127.90 / 312.91 €
Elettra Modern ceiling lamps Elettra made of numerous LED light points. Available in various models.
1,499.90 / 2,300.90 €
Fullmoon & Selene
Fullmoon & Selene Modern chandeliers Fullmoon&Selene with spherical diffusers in matt white polyethylene available in various sizes.
79.95 / 204.90 €
Morgana Modern chandeliers Morgana with ultra slim LED light diffuser, ideal for lighting workplaces.
269.90 / 339.90 €
Ego Modern chandeliers and floor lamps Ego in minimal style with high-power dimmable LED light.
197.90 / 469.90 €
Gilles Gilles LED wall lamp of various sizes for the lighting of the corridor, entrance, stairs.
194.90 / 429.90 €
Flat Flat is a collection of pendant lamps in anodized aluminum, ...
594.90 / 3,450.90 €
Freedom "Freedom" by Lumen Center is a modern chandelier with arms i...
779.90 / 1,749.89 €
Takè Plus
Takè Plus The Takè Plus collection made by Lumen Center is composed b...
119.90 / 1,425.90 €
Sumo The Sumo collection of Lumen Center are modern lamps that ar...
159.91 / 379.90 €
Classic collection
Classic collection The Classic collection by Lumen Center is composed of vintag...
309.90 / 1,600.90 €
Concorde e Vendome
Concorde e Vendome Concorde and Vendome by Lumen Center are modern cylindric-sh...
749.90 / 2,450.89 €
Sibylla The Lumen Center Sibylla family consists of a series of dimm...
624.90 / 694.90 €
Odile Odile collection of Lumen Center includes design pendant lam...
149.90 / 334.90 €
Punto Punto by Lumen Center, is a round ceiling lamp available in ...
349.90 / 459.90 €
Domino Domino by Lumen Center is a modern LED ceiling lamp, shaped ...
62.95 / 124.90 €
Brick e Brac
Brick e Brac Brick and Brac by Lumen Center are square/rectangular/round ...
124.90 / 814.90 €
Virgola The Virgola collection presents LED appliques with indirect ...
249.90 €
Iceglobe Micro
Iceglobe Micro Iceglobe Micro presents chandeliers, multiple suspension lam...
119.90 / 162.89 €
Iceglobe Mini
Iceglobe Mini Iceglobe Mini presents hanging lamps with one or more lights...
159.91 / 1,149.90 €
Iceglobe Iceglobe collection by Lumen Center Italy. Hanging lamps, ce...
279.90 / 2,790.90 €
Leaves Leaves collection of pendant lamps, ceiling lamps and wall l...
369.90 / 1,229.89 €
Mail Wall lamps of the Mail collection, signed by Alberto Valerio...
95.95 / 667.90 €
Hinode The Hinode collection of applique lamps was designed by Sets...
189.91 / 314.89 €
Foliage The Foliage collection, signed by Enrico Azzimonti for Lumen...
328.90 / 465.91 €
Coral The Coral collection takes the aesthetics of the Baroque sty...
159.91 / 4,951.89 €
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