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Andrea Tosetto

Andrea Tosetto
Andre Tosetto was born in Mestre on 4 June 1959. From the beginning he showed great interest in everything related to art, enrolling at the Art School and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. The family business, started in the 1950s, immediately became the launch pad for his career, in fact, by the time he was eighteen he joined it, taking the reins a little later. Tosetto's creative and innovative temperament has allowed Studio Italia Design to move from a classic style to a more modern character, aimed at finding ever more avant-garde solutions. The products designed for the company have distinctive traits that express originality and refinement through the use of craftsmanship and materials linked to the Venetian tradition. Tosetto has created the Valentina, Nautilus, Sugegasa, Kelly and Thor lamps, creations designed and created within their own company.
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