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Mirco Crosatto

Mirco Crosatto
Mirco Crosatto is a young Italian designer. Since 1997 he has been designing lighting articles in collaboration with Linea Light.

Born in 1976, Mirco Crosatto graduated from the technical institute of Treviso, in Italy. At 16, he started working with a Street Wear company. During his work experience at Linea Light, which has already begun since the end of his studies, Mirco Crosatto has designed numerous articles symbolizing Made in Italy design. The lamps designed by Crosatto have helped to define the company's image also internationally.

For the Ma&De catalog, specifically, he designed the O-Line, Mr Magoo and Lama collections. The Lama lamp was designated winner of the 2011 Reddot Design Award.
Designer's articles

The Demì collection is made up of suspension and ceiling lig

801.00 / 800.91 €
Hinomaru Lamps for the lighting of the modern living room
590.89 / 859.90 €
La Mariée
La Mariée Get an ambient lighting with the Ma&De design lamps
331.00 / 424.90 €
Reflexio Light up your rooms with the Ma&De LED ceiling lights
466.00 / 683.90 €
Opti-Line LED chandeliers with thin and invisible light, composes the ...
818.90 / 994.90 €
Madame Blanche
Madame Blanche Chandeliers collection called Madame Blanche, that recalls t...
673.90 / 712.89 €
Diphy Diphy collection of lamps with innovative technology and con...
434.91 / 1,222.90 €
Tablet LED
Tablet LED The Tablet Led series presents models of directional wall la...
26.95 / 785.90 €
Next Range of lamps from the Ma&De catalogue, young and innovativ...
227.90 / 926.90 €
Circle Wave
Circle Wave The Circle Wave lamps are distinguished by its special featu...
527.89 / 911.90 €
Lama Ma&De Lama lamps have the mounting plate in a black or white...
227.90 / 953.91 €
Mr Magoo
Mr Magoo Mr Magoo lighting sistems. Italian design lamps for your liv...
289.90 / 1,160.90 €
Linea Light

Pelota lamps have an iron frame with several finishings for

78.95 / 150.90 €
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