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Luciano Vistosi

Luciano Vistosi
Luciano Vistosi was born in Venice in 1931 and spent his childhood in Murano, the island famous all over the world for its artisan glass and where his family owns a glassworks producing industrial products. In 1952, following the death of his father, Luciano was forced to abandon his studies and take over the business, transforming it together with his uncle and brother into the new Vetreria Vistosi. Moving away from the industrial concept, the new project focused on research and design, establishing very close links with some of the most famous designers of the time. Among the many were Aulenti, Zanuso, Magistretti, Sottsass, Meronen Beckmann, Mangiarotti who collaborated mainly in the creation of lighting accessories. Among his most famous creations, made entirely of glass, were Neverrino, Bissa, Bissona and Onfale. In 1980, Vetreria Vistosi was sold following the death of his uncle and brother. Luciano Vistosi is an artist who acquired his knowledge at the glassworks, but who has been able to take independent paths. Towards the end of the 1960s he showed an interest in the techniques of blown glass and began to make his first sculptures in the furnace. Thus began an artistic journey in which several sculptural works in blown glass and sculpted glass blocks took shape. His first solo exhibition was held in 1968 at the Alfieri Gallery in Venice. Over the years, many would follow in various places around the world such as San Francisco, Madrid, Cologne and Japan. Luciano Vistosi died in Venice in 2010.
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