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Mario Botta

Mario Botta
Mario Botta was born in 1943 in Mendrisio. Right from the start he approached the world of architecture by taking an apprenticeship at the architects Carloni and Camenisch in Lugano, before attending the art school and the University of Architecture in Venice, where he graduated in 1969. During his studies in Venice, Botta met and worked for Le Corbusier and Louis I. Kahn. In 1970 he began working in Lugano where he developed his first projects for single-family homes, and then moved on to the international scene. There are many works of art worthy of note, such as the Watari-um art gallery in Tokyo, the SFMOMA museum of modern art in San Francisco, the MART museum of modern and contemporary art in Rovereto, the Kyobo tower in Seoul and many others. Mario Botta has always been interested in teaching, becoming the founder of the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio. During his career he has received numerous awards such as the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage Europa Nostra for the renovation of the Teatro La Scala in Milan and the IAA Annual Prix 2005, International Academy of Architecture in Sofia for the Kyobo tower in Seoul.
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