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Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson is an American entrepreneur and designer, recipient of the prestigious Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award. He is the founder of MINIMAL's production base and brand in Chicago and San Francisco. His projects always vary from technology to medical and consumer products to lifestyle like furniture or environments. Scott Wilson and his team manage to balance the rational and the emotional, but also technology and art, so that they can meet every need, both business and consumer. Thanks to his hands-on approach, concrete and pragmatic, Wilson combines in his projects all his various skills as inventor, designer, storyteller, strategist, entrepreneur and engineer. Recently he was named by Time Magazine's Top 100 Designers as one of his company's most influential designers as well as one of the most creative players in Business. In addition to being a successful designer, Scott Wilson changed the world of entrepreneurship when in 2010 he unleashed the crowdfunding movement raising $1 million in 30 days for his project LunaTik.
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